ph. Diego Spivacow
Tomás Rawski
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. (1980)

Tomas Rawski's work is centered around relationships - both those that exist between individuals and those that are present in our surroundings. He is particularly interested in exploring and examining the relationships that often go unnoticed due to their normalized nature. He believes that the way we connect with others shapes how we connect with the world around us.

In his artistic practice, Tomas creates acts, gestures, images, and installations that have a profound impact on him and he believes will have a similar effect on others. He considers transmitting his beliefs to be a crucial aspect of his work. He has faith in collective growth and the elevation of collective consciousness.

Currently, he is working on projects that involve symbolic repairs of spaces, people, and events, in which he both participates and invites others to do so. The viewer of his works is not meant to be passive but rather must actively engage and surrender to the immersive experience of the piece. The contemplation of the work is meant to take place inside each individual.

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