Oid Mortales


In addition to inflation and the socioeconomic gap, Argentina has also been caught in a cycle of circularity, with the country seemingly unable to break free from repeating the same problems over and over again.

Each time the country experiences an economic crisis, the government implements short-term solutions that fail to address the underlying issues, and the cycle continues. This has led to a sense of frustration and disillusionment among the population, who have grown tired of seeing the same problems reoccurring.

The political divide between the right and left has only contributed to this sense of circularity, with each side unable to agree on a long-term solution. Until there is a concerted effort to break free from this cycle, Argentina will continue to struggle with inflation and socioeconomic inequality, perpetuating the same problems for years to come.

These are a set of symbolic repairs that play to heal the country. In the Argentinian national anthem they tell us “Hear, mortals, the sacred cry …”

We are united since the big bang

“We are united since the big bang”

I like to think that we are all the same stick. At the tip it seems that there is a crack and I would be the semiprecious stone joining and making pieces.

Object, 30x2cm

colors Serie of rituals to paint emblematics buildings of Argentina with strident colors to change the frequency of the place and the environment.

Argentina Argentina built with semiprecious stones

Flag preview preview The flag & Maps of Argentina intervened with symbols to change their frequency.

gracias A sign in the Devil’s Throat of Iguazu Falls that says “Gracias” (thank you).

gong A gong in the Devil’s Throat in the province of Salta with the word “Paz” (peace)

flower in the conquest A flower in the conquest Roca statue in the city of Buenos Aires digitally intervened

bill 100 Argentine pesos bill seized with a Flower of Life stamp.

Paz A play on words with a major highway in Buenos Aires that is called General Paz to be called “Generar Paz” (Generate Peace)

9 de julio “July 9 circular and spiral”

The most important avenue in Argentina, symbol of the country’s economy, joined by its ends and spiraled.

healing “Healing”

An image created by WALLE (an artificial intelligence) from the phrase “Ritual of healing to the economy of Argentina on Avenue July 9”.

chat “chat”

A chat with ChatGPT (an artificial intelligence).

Tierra “Casa Tierra”

I allowed myself to change the name of Casa Rosada to Casa Tierra. Using a darker color range. As a ritual, I think it would be interesting if land was brought from all the provinces and with that the building is painted year after year.

river “Look at the river”

The work “Mirar el río” arises from the need to make a symbolic reparation of the city in relation to the loss of the link between the people and the river. In this sense, the work seeks, through a ritual action, to give the people of Buenos Aires a view of the Río de la Plata.

colour “The value of colour”

The 2015 artwork shows a 100 dollar and a 100 Argentinean peso with their respective RGB colours.

grieta “Grieta”

A famous image intervened to talk about the gap in Argentina’s society

Geographic Center of the Argentine Republic

Healing to the Geographic Center of the Argentine Republic